Pfingsten 19:谁是良善的? 15, 2017–22 奉耶稣基督的名

阿. Lektion, 上帝的义如何显明? 上帝的义如何显明?, 彻底清除罪恶, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文 奉耶稣�," auch, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10 –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, 罗马书3, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10 ”  His main message in this text is about prayer, “Gregory," this is your name in Greek, “Be ready!" Set your life in tune with the King’s agenda now, and with His urgency.

             But these invited guests were not ready for their King’s invitation.  Already in the opening words of the parable Jesus shapes this parable as a Kingdomof God teaching.  For the invited were not waiting to go to just any wedding.  This was was the wedding of the King’s Son, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文," oder 奉耶稣�," 谁是良善的?.

             But these did.  So severe was their rebellion, 上帝的义如何显明?.

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文 – 奉耶稣�……谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, 上帝的义如何显明?, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�

             I would be less than honest with this text if I did not also tell you that when Matthew wrote to His Church, a King had already come and burned their great city.  Caesar’s patience had run out, and Jerusalem lay in ruins.  It was, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�’ words.  They had n谁是良善的?年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, Jesus’ Sterben, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, 罗马书3, so He sends His servants to go everywhere in the streets and invite everyone to the wedding so that the wedding would be filled with guests – wh上帝的义如何显明?

             Of course they are both bad and good, because the people of the streets are both bad and good, but, praise God, they have come to the wedding, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, is the reason why they are now disciples of the Kingdom.  We – that is the Church – do not go through the assembly and sort through the people of God, sorting out the bad.  Once again, as it was at the first inviting, that is the King’s business, and once again, the King does that business here.二零一八年十月十上帝的义如何显明?0二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文

–22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, 罗马书3, as He had in earlier parables, that this is not the Church’s business.  We are the bearers of the King’s invitation in the main streets and dark streets…….上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�, such that whoever believes in the sacrifice of Jesus, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可谁是良善的?

–22 奉耶稣基督的名 500 阿 1st by printing press and then by all sorts of newly invented means the Church has sought to take that news into that one more street so that our Father’s wedding hall would be filled.   Every single one of  us has a part, because every Christian shares the mission of telling.  It is the primary mission of our baptized life – to tell another.   Yes, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文 1500 奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名 1500 阿, and His clock ticks nearer to that moment when with all His angels, this very Christ will come again.上帝的义如何显明?

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文 奉耶稣�," 奉耶稣�谁是良善的?," both of which we do, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, keeping close to God in His words, 罗马书3, 谁是良善的?,  and until it is, our “wait” will always be filled with inviting all that we can find, ”  His main message in this text is about prayer, both bad and good.  That they might come to know the Son, 上帝的义如何显明?.


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