The Epiphany season covers the time between Christmas and Lent (this year through March 5).  Its focus on Jesus’ early ministry gives opportunity to consider many themes.  At St. Pablo, we will consider themes of discipleship, as suggested by each Sunday’s assigned readings.  Come join us as we gather around Jesus, Hijo de Dios, whose epiphany (appearance) brings salvation.

Bible Class Themes:

Enero 6 - Epiphany Themes

Enero 13 - Santo Bautismo

Enero 20 - The Sanctity of Life

Enero 27 - A Theology of Preaching

Febrero 3 - A Theology of Teaching

Febrero 10 - Elements of Discipleship

Febrero 17 - Elements of Discipleship 2

Febrero 24 - Elements of Discipleship 3                                                  


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