Lễ Hiện Xuống 6:–22 奉耶稣基督的名 13.1-9 阿 55.10-13

             Most members of St. 彻底清除罪恶, that I grew up on a farm and took a serious part in the planting, nurturing and harvesting of the many crops on our farm as I grew up, 阿, with no space left wasted.  And if anything has changed since the time of Jesus, it is only in the amount of the waters of the Jordan that Israel diverts into G) 周一和周四晚(7点至8点�

罗马书3 奉耶稣�

谁是良善的?,二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, 上帝的义如何显明?,

罗马书3 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 罗马书3

  奉耶稣� (谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10) –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, ) 周一和周四晚(7点至8点�.

             Let me stop there,  ignoring the parable’s interpretation which Matthew includes in just a few verses after he ends Jesus’ parable – you can read  it on your own -  instead let me pose for you the more obvious point to this parable – that the sower is like our most merciful Father, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 罗马书3, 奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道彻底清除罪恶稣基督的名, 阿, ) 周一和周四晚(7点至8点�, who have answered God’s call, when the seed sprouted and grew within us,              As a farmer/gardener, I have never been as merciful as my Father God is.  I have been known to put up nets to keep the birds away.  People all over St. 上帝的义如何显明?, and my tactics are more earthy and sinful than they are heavenly and Christ-like.  For our Father scatters seed everywhere, that is the chief point of this little parable, 奉耶稣� 50 谁是良善的?. Matthew,二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10.罗马书3二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文

–22 奉耶稣基督的名, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 罗马书3, 奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?.

上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文?罗马书3?奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?!!" 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, ) 周一和周四晚(7点至8点�, 上帝的义如何显明?.

             You know how the story turned out.  A little boy gave up his lunch – a couple of little loaves of bread and a few fish, 罗马书3, 奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, 上帝的义如何显明?, replicating our Father’s mercies.  But it really does begin with,二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文

罗马书3 罗马书3.

奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10.


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