St. Pauls Jugendarbeit ist für steigende 7. bis 12. Klasse.  The ministry is supported by a Youth Board, volunteers and our Youth Director.

Our four pronged program rests on:

  1. Helping young people grow in faith.
  2. Building relationships among our youth and warmly welcoming newcomers.
  3. Serving others together.
  4. Providing opportunities for youth to have good, Clean Fun.

Teens are encouraged to attend Sunday worship and Youth Group.  They are also invited to join us for varied Youth Group activities of service and lots of fun outside of Sunday morning Youth Group Bible Studies.  Studies include in depth exploration of books from The Bible and how they apply to our lives as well as Christian Character Development.  Teens serve together during worship once a month as greeters, Gottesdienst Helfer, and readers.  They are welcome to share their musical talents during worship (natürlich, only if desired). We strive to grow in our faith and apply Biblical principles to our daily walks as we support one another and live life out loudcome join us!!!

For information on upcoming Youth Group activities contact St. Pauls Youth Director, Tawni Harrell, bei stpaulsoff@aol.com. Bitte beachten Sie, wenn Sie möchten, um in den Verteiler zu den kommenden Ereignissen hinzugefügt werden.