About Us

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (St. Paul’s) is a family of Christian believers walking, working and growing together under the direction of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are called to:

Walk together. We need the support and encouragement of our fellow Christians.  Believing this, we are a congregation that cares for one another. We also walk together with Christians of other congregations. To this end, we are a member congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and understand ourselves to be part of the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic” church as described in the Nicene Creed.

Work together. We need to support and encourage others, especially those who do not yet call Jesus Lord, so we extend Christian care in word and deed. To this end, we have this mission: Share the life-changing Good News of God’s love for all people in Jesus Christ.

Grow together. We need to grow in our ability to support and encourage others, and in the wisdom that only God can give. To this end, we place a high value on our congregation’s preaching and teaching ministries. As Saint Paul himself once explained, “We preach Christ crucified.” (1 Corinthians 1:23).

St. Paul’s was formed in the early 1950′s by Christians who saw the need for a Lutheran congregation in the rapidly expanding Falls Church area. St. Paul’s became incorporated as a member congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 1953. In its more than 50-year history, St. Paul’s has helped to start many new congregations, participated in school and ethnic-specific ministries, and, most importantly, faithfully followed the Biblical mandates to help people walk, work, and grow together as Christians.

We invite you to worship with us at St. Paul’s and/or contact us for more information.