Greetings to you in the name of Jesus!

As you look around this website, you will no doubt form a number of impressions about St. Paul’s. Please permit me to share some of the impressions I’ve had after a short time of service here.

My first impression of St. Paul’s was made by the building: strong, impressive, beautiful. This was all fine and good, but the real blessing came as I experienced the worship and people of the church. I could tell right away that St. Paul’s was a warm, active and Christ-centered place. It remains that way today.

Warmth is communicated through the faces of people. I feel this warmth at St. Paul’s. There are people here who have faced all kinds of trials, known all kinds of hurts, and yet walk through life with a sense of joy and thankfulness. They have learned to turn to Christ Jesus for their strength. As a result, the people of St. Paul’s freely and generously extend themselves in acts of welcome and service to others.

Activity takes all kinds of forms. At St. Paul’s you will see the activities of singing, praying, serving and studying to name a few. Of course you will also see scurrying, debating, crying and planning. Such is life. It’s amazing, however, how the love of Christ as witnessed in this place so often transforms the busyness of activity into growth and accomplishment.

To be Christ-centered is a goal for all of us. It is the goal of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. We begin by preaching Christ crucified, and we do our best to live and learn the meaning of this Word. The people of St. Paul’s know that being Christ-centered means mirroring His love, making His Word our guide, and worshiping Him for the uplifting of our souls.

Though I’m no longer new to the congregation (I arrived in November of `98), I know it’s never easy being new to a group. However, a Christian congregation is a unique kind of group. We are tightly knit only in our love for one another and our commitment to Christ. I know I speak for the entire congregation when I say that if you are looking for a warm, active and Christ-centered place to worship and grow, we welcome you to participate with us in any ministry of St. Paul’s.  We welcome you to come and form your own impressions!

As I walk around the church neighborhood, I am often struck by the vast numbers of people, buildings and cars that share this same space. What a blessing that in the midst of all this there is holy ground. I invite you to come and join the people of St. Paul’s as we are renewed at this place.

- Pastor Mark Shaltanis