Saludos a ti en el nombre de Jesús!

Al mirar alrededor de este sitio web, you will no doubt form a number of impressions about our church.  As a means of welcome, please permit me to share some of my early impressions from being at St. Pablo.

My first impression was made by the building: fuerte, impresionante, beautiful.  This really seemed like a wonderful place to worship.

But a church is much more than a building.  The impression that really matters is the sense you get about the people and the activity.  It didn’t take long to figure out that St. Pablo era una cálida, activo y centrado en Cristo lugar. Queda de esa manera hoy.

Let me say more.

Calor is communicated through the faces of people.  I feel this warmth at St. Paul’s.  There are people here who have faced all kinds of trials, conocido todo tipo de heridas, and yet walk through life with a sense of joy and thankfulness.  They have learned to turn to Christ Jesus for their strength.  As a result, el pueblo de St. Pablo se extienden libremente y generosamente a sí mismos en los actos de bienvenida y servicio a los demás.

Actividad takes all kinds of forms.  At St. Pablo verá las actividades de canto, orando, serving and studying to name a few.  Of course, you will also see planning, debatir, hurrying and even cryingsuch is the stuff of life.  It’s amazing, sin embargo, how the love of Christ as witnessed in this place so often transforms the busyness of activity into growth and care.

Para ser Centrada en Cristo is the goal for Christians.  It is the goal of the people and programs of St. Paul’s.  We begin by preaching Christ crucified, and we do our best to live and learn the meaning of this Word.  The people of St. Pablo sabe que el estar centrado en Cristo significa que refleja su amor, making His Word our guide and relying on His grace.

Aunque ya no soy nuevo en la congregación (Llegué en noviembre del `98), I know it’s never easy being new to a group.  However, a Christian congregation is a unique kind of group.  We are tightly knit only in our love for one another and our commitment to Christ.  I know I speak for the entire congregation when I say that if you are looking for a warm, activo y centrado en Cristo lugar para adorar y crecer, we welcome you to participate with us at St. Paul’s.  Come and form your own impressions!

Mientras camino por el barrio iglesia, I am often struck by the large numbers of people, buildings and cars that share this same space.  What a blessing that in the midst of all this there is holy ground.  I invite you to come and join the people of St. Paul es como nos renovamos en este lugar.

- Pastor Mark Shaltanis