One of the great treasures of the Lutheran Church is its strong tradition of Confirmation classes.  Luther and his fellow reformers removed Confirmation from the list of Sacraments, changed it from being primarily a point of contact with the Bishop, and re-formulated it as something truly Biblical– a course of study where people can learn the faith.  Jesus told his followers to “make disciples” by “baptizing and teaching” (Matthew 28:19-20).  Confirmation is a formal means of carrying out the “teaching.”  Lutherans have made this a high priority in their congregations.  Many congregations, like ours, proudly display photos of their youth confirmation classes over the years.  Adult converts, too, take classes when joining a Lutheran church.  Our churches desire an educated membership which can serve with understanding, raise up children according to the church’s teachings, and serve as informed witnesses in the community.  We are not saved by the depth of our knowledge.  Not everyone will excel in theological study.  But our goal is to make disciples who can successfully apply the teachings of the Faith to the many challenges of life.  Confirmation is an important step in this.  If you haven’t already, or even if you already have, please consider attending a Lutheran Confirmation class.



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