Confirmation in the Lutheran Church is…

  1. an educational ministry, and
  2. an opportunity to make a public confession of faith in Christ.

Our Lord Jesus taught us to make disciples by baptizing and teaching (Matthew 28:19-20), and to acknowledge our faith before others (Matthew 10:32-33). Church members bring their children to these classes as a means of educating them in the faith.

Those seeking confirmation as a youth participate in a two-year period of instruction. Pastor Mark teaches confirmation classes on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. Students typically begin confirmation classes when they are starting seventh grade, though older students are also welcome. The first year of the curriculum focuses on the Bible with reference to the Catechism, and the second year focuses on the Catechism with reference to the Bible. The two years of instruction culminate in a Confirmation Day celebration on the first Sunday of May, which provides the congregation an opportunity to celebrate the youth’s achievement, and for the youth to publicly confess their faith.

Class of 2012

Those seeking confirmation as adults participate in the “Bible Basics and Lutheran Doctrine” class, which St. Paul’s pastors teach at various times throughout the year (see the Bible Classes page for current offerings). Those who decide to take the step of becoming members of St. Paul’s have the opportunity to publicly confess their faith (see the Membership page for more information).

St. Paul’s is now offering the option of First Communion prior to Confirmation. Children who have reached the 5th grade may be eligible to take classes and become a communing member. Pastor Mark, the parents and the child will participate in determining whether the child should pursue First Communion at this time, or wait until he or she is older or until after completing St. Paul’s Confirmation program.

For further information on youth or adult confirmation, contact the church office at 703-573-0295.