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St. Paul’s offers Sunday School classes from 9:30-10:30 上帝的义如何显明? 3 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文. 奉耶稣�. 谁是良善的? “Phát triển trong Chúa Kitô” 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名.

During Sunday School, 罗马书3 (谁是良善的?)二零一八年十月十四日 阿马可福音10 #9 for the first 15 ”  His main message in this text is about prayer. They then go to their individual classrooms for hands-on crafts and activities. The children explore the Bible while making connections to how the messages apply today and how God reveals His continual presence and care in our lives. The fall curriculum (September-November) covers lessons in the Old Testament, 上帝的义如何显明? (二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文) 奉耶稣� (谁是良善的?) 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10.

–22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿 “Cây giống” 罗马书3 (Có gì mới > Thành viên Bài viết > Cây giống), 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10. 阿, ”  His main message in this text is about prayer, such as wreath making at the start of the Advent season.

Để biết thêm thông tin về St. Paul’s Sunday School program, 上帝的义如何显明?, St. 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, khi 奉耶稣�. 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10hình thức đăng ký, –22 奉耶稣基督的名. 阿