This week, the students learned about how Naaman, a Syrian army commander who had leprosy, took the advice of an Israeli servant girl to travel to Israel to ask Elisha to heal him of his disease (2 Kings 5:1-14). This journey, which began with the words of a child, required the involvement of two kings:  the King of Aram (central Syria) to approve the commander going to Israel, and the King of Israel to respond to Naaman presenting himself with a letter from the King of Aram asking that Naaman be cured.  Though Naaman was displeased with Elisha sending servants to meet him and the instructions to dip himself in the Jordan river seven times (wondering why not a more dramatic, in-person healing by Elisha himself, or washing in his own kingdom’s perfectly good rivers), he trusted and followed the instructions.  After the seventh dip in the Jordan, Naaman saw that his body was restored with skin like a child, and he believed.

During craft time in the 1st-2nd grade classroom, when the children wondered at the instructions for how to recreate the scene with paper cutouts and stickers, we recalled Naaman’s servants’ advice to ‘just try!’  They did and marveled at their completed Naaman-in-river creations, Naaman with flesh colored sticker dots covering his wounds and sticker fish leaping in paper waves. As happened for Naaman, the process made much more sense after the end result!

Operation Christmas ChildDuring the large group session, St. Paul’s Youth group gave a presentation on Operation Christmas Child and gave the students flyers to take home.  The Youth group is gathering donations such as toiletries, school supplies, toys and financial contributions, until November 16 to put together gift boxes for children in need. They will have a packing party on November 16 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. For more information, you can contact the Youth group leader, Tawni Harrell, at or read about the program at


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