First-second grade classroomOver the past few weeks, we’ve been learning about Jesus’ resurrection as told through Biblical accounts that include phrases like “While they were wondering about this…” (Luke 24:4 referring to the women finding the stone rolled away), “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” (Luke 24: 17, what Jesus says as he joins two men walking along the road to Emmaus), and “In addition, some of our women amazed us…” (Luke 24:22, referring to the women telling about how they went to the tomb and Jesus’ body wasn’t there). We read the stories and move paper figures on our storytelling background to reenact what happened, and imagine feeling just the same experiencing this: We gasp that the huge stone has been moved. We feel confused when we don’t find Jesus’ body. We feel surprised and scared at seeing people (angels) in clothes that gleam like lightening standing next to us.

We realize in seeing this through the people’s eyes, as much as this story is about Jesus, the story is also about us, God’s children in all points in time. Jesus came not to shock and amaze us with a death defying trick, but to help us know that we are loved and God understands the burden of feeling separated from Him. Jesus’ return showed us that we are not apart from God, not just because God can make it so, but because God wants it so.

In the coming weeks, we move into Acts and watch the disciples move into action to tell people about Jesus.


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