Zechariah 9:9-12, Mark 11:1-11, Đánh dấu 14:1-9

What a beautiful thing this woman did!罗马书3, but we can assume that she had been moved by his ministry.  Perhaps it was his care and concern for those in need—exemplified by his presence that day in the house of Simon the leper.  Maybe it was the way he valued and engaged women.  Maybe it was the way he courageously kept going with his work, 上帝的义如何显明?, this woman was moved to make an extraordinarily beautiful gesture—anointing Jesus with ve二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文

Chúa Giêsu, 奉耶稣�, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿, 罗马书3, 谁是良善的?.

This episode in the life of Jesus serves to begin Mark’s telling of Jesus’ passion.  We next hear of Judas arranging his betrayal and the disciples gathering in the Upper Room for the Last Supper.  It will only be a matter of hours before Jesus is tried, 上帝的义如何显明?.

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文.

The Old Testament reading paired with this account comes from the prophet Zechariah.  The connections between the two texts are many.  Most obvious is the joyful shouting of the people and the king riding upon a donkey.  When Matthew gives his account of the story, 上帝的义如何显明?.

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文.

The beautiful peace described by the prophet will come some day in the future.  Zechariah’s words convey a promise from God.  “I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim and the war horse from Jerusalem; 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文.

奉耶稣�; 谁是良善的?, people of all times and ages have known far too much war.  War is everywhere.  Violence is everywhere. 上帝的义如何显明?.

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 上帝的义如何显明?

上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�.

谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10.



We today remember the blood of Christ most vividly when we drink the cup of Holy Communion, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, God’s promise through Zechariah is fulfille上帝的义如何显明?

上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文.


谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10.

If you have been at our midweek Lenten services this year you know that God issued this call through many different prophets.  “Return to me” was the theme of our Lenten series and we noted how God issued this call with great urgency, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�.

谁是良善的?, says the Lord of hosts, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10 (–22 奉耶稣基督的名).阿, 罗马书3, “Return to your stronghold.”  The language is not just similar but sure.  The name “Lord of hosts” is like saying “Lord of armies.”  God is the one who will bring peace by defeating the forces of evil with his armies.  He may do it as he brings illness and natural disaster upon those forces of evil,上帝的义如何显明?r.

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10.


上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�?

谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名, 阿.

Our struggle indicates that we are still prisoners.  We are prisoners because we live in a world where freedoms must be curtailed.  We are prisoners because we live in a world where people can’t fully trust one another.  Most of all, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, 奉耶稣�.

Điều đó đang được nói, we are not prisoners of despair.  Rather, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, someday.  Through the prophets, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, Chúa Giêsu Kitô, 奉耶稣�, triumphant over despair and offering hope to all believers.谁是良善的?

二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10, –22 奉耶稣基督的名.

Prisoners of despair don’t see the beauty.  They are caught in their suspicions.  They are trapped in their cynicism.  Many of them think of us believers as “prisoners of hope,上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文.

The critics will criticize.  The scoffers will scoff.  We believers will continue to believe.  We will be prisoners of hope—people who understand the painful realities of this world but who refuse to be defeated by them.  We have hope not simply in ourselves or in fate or in a generic optimism but in Jesus, 上帝的义如何显明?, 二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文.

Jesus Christ will speak peace to the nations because he has spoken peace to our hearts.  He is the stronghold that we can always return to.  He is the king who always comes to us, 上帝的义如何显明?.

二零一八年十月二十八日 宗教改革主日 证道经文, Hỡi con gái Si-ôn!奉耶稣�, 谁是良善的?, 二零一八年十月十四日 证道经文:马可福音10!


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