First-second grade class

First-second grade class members Brooke, Andreas, Phoebe and Kaitlyn show the books they made that tell about King David and forgiveness

The St. Paul’s Sunday School children are back at their studies. We began the new school year on 9/8/13 with a rally day session led by Pastor Mark followed by a classroom lesson on God choosing David, Jesse’s smallest and youngest son, to be the next king (1 Samuel 16:1-13 and 2 Samuel 5:1-10). Try asking your daughter or son where David was when Solomon met Jesse’s seven other sons (the hint: “baa”).

In the first and second grade classroom this week, we finished our lessons on David with the story of Nathan confronting King David about how David had hurt another family. Though King David knew he had done wrong, he did something to which every child said he or she could relate:  he tried to cover it up (as you may have guessed, the children’s relatable experience involved the sneaking of candy). The kids made a double-sided book that told about how David asked God for forgiveness, and how we can ask God for forgiveness and can forgive others. We also covered lesson three on how Solomon (David’s son and successor as king) prayed to God that he would be made wise so he would know right from wrong and be a good leader (1 Kings 3). We brainstormed how being wise is different than being smart, concluding that smart can be learned while wise means what we think, say and do is in sync with God.

Next week, Solomon builds a temple!


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