Church Boards and Committees

The purpose of church boards at St. Paul’s is to perform operational oversight as well as support the church’s spiritual growth and bring additional leadership and specialized expertise to the church’s ministries. In addition to the boards, St. Paul’s has church officers, and holds voter’s meetings approximately three times a year in which church members can participate to help carry out the church’s mission.

The following are St. Paul’s officer roles, boards and committees, and their respective functions:

  • Church Officers: The President is responsible for enforcing the church’s constitution and by-laws, carrying out the expressed will of the Voters Assembly, and overseeing the boards’ and committees’ functions. The Vice President serves as assigned by the President. The Treasurer is responsible for paying, recording, and summarizing expenditures. The Financial Manager records and deposits all receipts, and issues quarterly statements.
  • Board of Elders: Oversees the congregation’s spiritual welfare.
  • Board of Evangelism: Reaches inward within the church and outside of the church to promote the love of our Lord.
  • Board of Education: Plans and supervises the church’s educational programs, including Sunday School, junior high, high school and adult bible classes, and Vacation Bible School.
  • Board of Finance: Oversees the church’s expenditures and the congregation’s contribution patterns. The Treasurer and Financial Manager also serve on this board.
  • Board of Stewardship: Encourages members to give of their time, talents, and treasures to support the life of our church.
  • Board of Property Management: Maintains and repairs church property.
  • Board of Fellowship: Encourages spiritual and social fellowship among congregation members.
  • Board of Youth: Serves the needs of the congregation’s youth and their families.
  • Board of Planning: Establishes the long-term goals of our congregation.
  • Board of Trustees: Represents the congregation in all legal matters.
  • Preschool Committee: Oversees St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool’s operation and finances. Church members and preschool parents participate on this board.
  • Memorial Garden Committee: Maintains our memorial garden’s look, pricing and policies.
  • Building Committee: Works to carry out our building program.

If you are a church member and are interested in participating on a board or committee, please contact St. Paul’s office at or (703) 573-0295.