Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the Caring Ministry roles and responsibilities.

Pastors and Elders

  • Those needing care are first identified to the pastor
  • Pastors assign a Care Coordinator to the person in need
  • Pastors support and help train the Care Coordinators
  • Elders support the program, verify that money is budgeted for the care, and monitor the program’s effectiveness
  • Elders validate that St. Paul’s has a Program Administrator and the necessary assistants to maintain the database of volunteers and provide technical support
Program Administrator
  • Maintains the list of Care Volunteers, including their contact information and desired form of service
  • Makes the volunteer information accessible to the Care Coordinators
  • Works with the Elders in finding IT assistants to support the program

Care Coordinators

  • Recruit Care Volunteers to serve the care recipient the pastor assigned to them
  • Work with each Care Volunteer to determine the type of care best suited for the particular recipient’s situation
  • Serve as a person of compassion who is comfortable and effective in dealing with those going through difficult times
  • Explore ways of coordinating caregiving efforts, such as through the use of e-mail and sign-up websites
  • Commit to an initial training session and meet twice a year to share ideas, continuing education, and support
  • Care Coordinators are normally assigned for short periods of time (1 – 2 months), but can choose to continue their service for longer periods of time.  Care recipients with long-term needs are encouraged to consult with their family and the pastor for more options
Care Volunteers
  • Commit to being on a contact list for the purpose of being asked by a Care Coordinator to fill a need when it arises
  • Fill out a form indicating the desired care services they would like to contribute
  • Have the option to say “no” to requests
  • Have the option to request to be assigned to a particular care recipient, and be put in contact with that person’s Care Coordinator