This Sunday, the students learned about how Elijah, the same hardworking prophet we’ve been studying the past few weeks–last seen by his soggy altar that was spectacularly set on fire–was taken into heaven (2 Kings 2:1-15).

The kids heard about how Elijah and his dutiful protégé, Elisha, went on a walk that took them through the Jordan river, which Elijah parted by hitting the water with his rolled up cloak. A fiery chariot and horses came down from the sky and a whirlwind picked up Elijah and took him away, a dramatic parting witnessed by Elisha and verified by 50 men who searched for Elijah for three days without finding him. This was not only a transition for Elijah from his earthy state, but also a clear indication that Elisha must now carry on Elijah’s work of foretelling the birth of Jesus.

The students in the fourth-sixth grade classroom, themselves nearing their own transition from elementary to middle school age, shared their stories of what is happening in their lives.

Next week, the prophet Elisha is called to duty, and an army leader gets by with a little help from his friends.


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