During the month of October it will be my privilege to lead our Adult Bible Class in a quick study (4 weeks) of the great book of Hebrews.   Written to folks who were tempted to think of Jesus as less than the powers that were flexing around them, whose Christian discipleship was beginning to think that Jesus was less than  those around them, this book is as timely today as when it was written.    Look around at the claims of those running for political office and try to see that simple Rabbi from Nazareth who freely chose to suffer and die as being as powerful, or connected, or relevant.   The writer of Hebrews will remind us that all the Caesars up to the time of his writing were dead, their glories all gone.   Not only can’t their voices be heard anymore, but no armies follow them, no trumpets sound and most folk barely remember them.   Instead he points us to Jesus, greater than all angels, who has greater honor than Moses, whose Name is the only One that commands every knee to bow, and who has chosen to be like us so completely, that he understands all our suffering.   What is so contemporary about this book is how is fits the things that tug at us to be ranked ahead of Jesus.  Come and ponder that with us.

Pr. Wayne Lehrer



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