It’s an exciting time of year!  A new school year brings new opportunities– for students, teachers, parents… really the whole community.  The school year sets in motion a whole range of classes, activities, jobs and tasks.  Most of all, it sets in motion a great hope for the bettering of our society and the welfare of the next generations.  We at the Church will once again do our part by sharing with learners a message which nourishes  and inspires the soul.  The effects of this message can be found throughout our society, but the message itself can no longer be taught in our country’s public places.  So I pray you will come and join us at the Church for our learning opportunities.  In particular, our Sunday offerings of worship and Sunday School provide unifying and age-appropriate content for all learners.  The Christian Church has much to share.  It’s message flows from the cross of Jesus and encompasses the incredible depth and breadth of the Sacred Scriptures.  I hope to see you regularly as we set ourselves to the task of Christian learning.  And may God bless you through all the educational opportunities you embrace this year.



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