This past Sunday, the children learned two lessons as we transition from Advent and Christmas to the time after Epiphany. In the large group session (and later in the 11:00 AM church service), they heard about how the Magi from the east made their way to Bethlehem to visit baby Jesus (Matthew 2). In the classrooms, the children learned about how a 12-year-old Jesus and his family traveled from their home in Nazareth to Jerusalem for Passover. The parents discovered on their return that Jesus was missing (Luke 2:41-52). Mary and Joseph found Jesus after a three day search–he was in the temple courts, listening to the religious teachers and asking them questions. Jesus asked his frazzled parents, “Did you not know that I must be in My Father’s house?”

In the first-second grade classroom, the children discussed the faith word “will” and how throughout our lives we find our best laid plans don’t always work. Even adults may not understand why things turn out as they do, and in those cases, we need to remind ourselves to keep faith in God’s plan. Discovering that Jesus was not running around with the other children in the caravan must have been frightening to Mary and Joseph; still, the time at the temple gave the young Jesus a chance to talk with the teachers of the Law, and reminded his parents that this is no ordinary boy who has an extraordinary mission among us. By keeping our hearts open to allow God’s will to move us, we can be present for the blessings the curve in the road offers.

First-second grade classroom

Duncan and Andreas connect footsteps with peoples' names to actions in the Bible story


The magi visited during the children's sermon in the 11:00 AM service


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